The story

Your story serves as the foundation for the content we create together. During an introduction at your location or via videocall, we take the first steps in translating your ideas into a full fleged video production.

The production

We conceptualize your story through moodfilms or moodboards and presentations. This way we can show you that we understand what your saying and we all know what to expect moving forward.

The content

Your story has been shot, edited and delivered. So exciting! We create custom content packages to fit your company's every need. From Instagram and Facebook to Youtube and TikTok. We have you covered.

With a passion for great stories and images,

we translate any idea to a visual story.

Shuttr Film builds high quality concepts to create engaging content that gets your vision out to the world.

Together with a team of creatives we, light, shoot, edit, voice over, animate and deliver affordable high quality videos.